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Reading Chiropractor, Andy Green, says The Trunk Curl Up is a more advanced stability exercise for back pain than the Glute Bridge, (See Here) , so if in doubt try that exercise first. See below for links to Reflex Chiropractic’s other rehab exercise videos.

Caring for your back involves simple, safe, effective exercises that switch on and condition the trunk muscles. Research demonstrates that exercise speeds recovery and can even minimise the severity of future episodes of back pain. Mild pain may be experienced at first, but this usually goes away quickly. The best exercises for the back focus on endurance rather than strength. This is good news since such exercises require far less load. However, it is important that they are performed slowly with excellent form.

Please do not attempt an exercise without first consulting one of our team or another relevant practitioner. Strengthening your core can help reduce back pain, sciatica and pain caused by a slipped disc.

Reflex Spinal Health are based in Caversham, Reading and provide a comprehensive core stability and spinal rehabilitation service to the Reading community. Our team assess your specific weaknesses and then teach you the most specific exercises for you, so that your daily plan should take no longer than 15-20 minutes per day.

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Title: Trunk Curl Up Exercise – Osteopath Reading Chiropractor – Reflex Spinal Health
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