Should a Sports Massage be Sore?

In this video our wonderful Massage Therapist Christina answers the question, “Should a massage be sore?”

Sports Massage in particular can have a reputation for being sore or uncomfortable – in fact some people would say that if it doesn’t hurt, it’s not working!

The fact of the matter is that as the patient, you are in control of your massage. Your Massage Therapist will carry out an initial consultation with you the first time you meet, and determine whether you would prefer light, medium or firm pressure.

This pressure can then be adjusted throughout the massage to suit your needs.

During areas of particular tension, the Massage Therapist may apply extra pressure to help ease the muscles and improve blood flow to this area. You may find this a little sore, but it should certainly not be excruciating or unbearable. If at any time during your massage you become uncomfortable, you must let your Therapist know, and they will be able to adjust their technique accordingly.

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Title: Should a Sports Massage be Sore?
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