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At Reflex Spinal Health we now offer Online Chiropractic Consultations. This is fantastic if you are unable to visit the clinic. We follow a very similar procedure as if we were seeing you in person. Over secure video conferencing software we can meet face-to-face. Whilst a normal physical examination, palpation and manual therapy are clearly not possible during a video consultation.

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Our very experienced practitioners have the experience to deliver effective care to online. We can take a thorough history from you, observe you as we ask you perform specific movements and then provide either a diagnosis or suggest any further tests that need to be done or referred for at this time.

We also have access to fantastic rehab exercise software that you can download onto either your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

If treatment is indicated then we can help you in various ways. We can offer treatments including self-guided manual therapy, postural and ergonomic advice, create specific exercise plans for you that can be sent direct to an app or downloaded to you. We can also provide other guided therapies that can be extremely effective in reducing pain and inflammation.

Any exercise plans include feedback mechanisms so that we can stay in touch with your progress through our state of the art software.

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