Pain Free Laser Hair Removal in Reading

Introducing Reading Cosmetic Laser

It’s a very exciting day at Reflex as we have now expanded our services further. We can now offer pain free laser hair removal in Reading! Our new business is called Reading Cosmetic Laser and runs within our current clinic.

Don’t Panic! There are no changes to how we offer our chiropractic, osteopathic and massage therapy services. I can also appreciate that cosmetic laser services may not be relevant to you! However, pain free laser hair removal in Reading is very relevant to a lot of people, and we can now offer you the very best service of this kind in Reading.

The Unique Motus AY Laser

We are confident of this as we have a machine unique to the area at this time, the Motus AY laser. It’s combination of Alexandrite laser and Moveo hand piece ensure that during laser hair removal the heat is reduced and the process actually feels cool.

The  Moveo hand piece is not used for some treatments, such as treatments skin rejuvenation, thread vein reduction or skin pigmentation reduction for example. During these treatments we use a different function and some heat is felt during the process.

Laser Hair Removal

Since 1960, when pioneer Theodore Maiman invented it, laser hair removal has been the gold standard for hair reduction. It is the only hair removal system that produces a semi-permanent reduction in hair follicle density.
But, despite it’s effectiveness (and the technology improving all the time) laser has one massive problem. It’s painful!
That is until now…
Italian laser manufacturer Deka has taken laser hair removal to the next level by developing a PAIN-FREE system. In the UK, this technology is only available in the Motus AY. Not only is the new laser not painful but the incorporation of Moveo technology means that it is also incredible fast.
We have the ONLY Motus AY in Reading!

Reserve Your Patch Test Now for Pain Free Laser Hair Removal in Reading

reading cosmetic laser hair removalGone are the days where you will be subjected to hundreds of painful “rubber band slaps” torturing your skin for 30 to 60 minutes as you go through the procedure.
RESERVE Your Consultation and Sensitivity Patch Test for only £10, fully refundable if you decide not to proceed with treatment.
This is a great solution for you if you have unwanted hair and want to take advantage of pain free laser hair removal in Reading.  This produces unrivalled long-term results.
Please be aware that our ability to provide discounted consultations is limited. We may need to withdraw the offer without any notice.
For more information, or to book your patch test go to:
Call the Reading Cosmetic Laser Clinic Now on 0118 907 1999. Book your consultation and patch test with one of our professional skin care team. Just £10 (normally £110).
The clinic is extremely busy and may not be able to answer your call. If this is the case please leave a message with your name, contact number and best time to call you. We promise to call you back as soon as we can.
Call 0118 907 1999 Now and secure your spot.
Be prepared to leave a message with your name, number and best time to call you back to arrange your pain free laser hair removal in Reading.


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