Our Back 2 Balance team christmas traditions

We thought we would let you inside our personal lives a bit more, considering having lovely happy memories maybe all we have this year. We hope you enjoy reading about our team’s christmas traditions….

As a child, we always put out mince pies and whiskey for Santa. Santa always gave me one main present and a small stocking which would be at the end of my bed. My mum would hide tiny presents inside the tree for me to find.

For the last 5 years, my friend has hosted Christmas Eve. Lots of us gather for mulled wine, mulled cider and mince pies at her house before heading out on a long walk through the countryside, with lots of children and dogs in tow. We walk to our favourite pub and spend the afternoon playing games, drinking wine and eating yummy food.

We always spend Christmas at my husbands house. We gather as big family and unwrap our presents after lunch, one person and present at a time, with the youngest children handing them out. It’s a lovely way to spend the afternoon, before having some Christmas pudding and playing board games.

Boxing Day is spent at my mum and dads and normally involves more family coming to visit, a big buffet of leftovers and lots of cheeeese!

Going to the local pub with my brother for Christmas Eve, and seeing people we haven’t seen in ages (since last Christmas Eve) although this won’t be happening this year ☹️

Going swimming in the sea,
Scallops and bacon for breakfast,
Then Christmas lunch and games for the rest of day


Our xmas traditions include New York and Lapland in the run up to Christmas (although can’t this year 😭). The Elf on the Shelf ‘appears in our house’ and freshly baked bread, a gammon joint and mulled wine for Christmas Day breakfast 😍

Oh and making soup with the Christmas dinner leftovers.


Traditionally we celebrate in ‘german style’ with my Omi (gran) on christmas eve- eat red cabbage and potato salad. One of our family memories were of mum getting a bit tipsy drinking port on christmas eve (the only time she ever really had any alcohol).

We also had to go to church on christmas day and had to wait to open the presents after we had dinner.



It’s usual for us to all be together eat drink and play plenty of games and sing karaoke!

We traditionally always bake and share what we’ve made sausage rolls, mince pies, biscuits and gingerbread.





Our christmas traditions include always having a fish themed Christmas breakfast- prawns, smoke salmon etc and Jamie Oliver’s turkey and leek pie. Play my favourite games like charades, dominoes and uno.




Our Christmas traditions have always been waiting til midnight on Christmas eve and then opening our presents, stay up til about 2am then bed!

Christmas day me and my sisters would spend the morning getting ready and having a few drinks then we join my dad downstairs who’s been up since the crack of dawn cooking 😂 we play games and dance a lot.


Christmas was always warm, so traditionally friends would gather on Christmas eve with drinks and food and present swooping at midnight. Christmas day was normally a bbq with the family at the house with the biggest pool!

Bit different now, Christmas day with the family everyone bringing a dish and lots of food and drink at the father in law’s house

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