Firework Displays and Neck Pain

Bonfire night has arrived and people are looking forward to heading out to wondrous firework displays and fairs.

Most of us wrap up in full winter attire for this event to prevent ourselves from becoming cold, however, we should also be thinking about other issues that are often overlooked.

Whilst the normal health and safety warnings are about making sure that firework displays are safe and people aren’t putting themselves in any potential danger, from a Chiropractic perspective one of the key concerns is that your neck is safe.

We see a lot of patients after firework night where they’ve either been bending repetitively to put the bonfire together or they’ve been looking up at the sky for a long period of time or possibly they’ve been carrying one of their children holding them whilst watching the display.

Looking up for a long period of time can put stress on some of the joints in the neck called facet joints and that can cause irritation, pain and discomfort which you may not experience at the time of the display, but the next morning you might wake up with a crick in the neck. If left to get worse muscles can spasm and cramp up or possibly even inflame the nerve and start to cause nerve irritation pain into the arm and pins and needles.

Additionally, if you have a lower back weakness standing still for a long period of time can put pressure onto your lower back causing discomfort. This type of back pain can be experienced later on in the following days, weeks or even months after the event. If left untreated the lower back area can become weaker and imbalanced, which can mean a simple task such as bending forward to reach for your bag results in a sprain or a pulled muscle in your back.

These tips might help you have a safer firework night:

1) To prevent the issues brought up today, try to stand back from the display so that you’re not standing directly underneath. Standing too close will mean you have to bend your neck too much to see the fireworks properly. The further you stand back the less you’ll strain your neck.

2) If you suffer from lower back pain try to find a comfortable chair or seating area at the display so that you don’t have to stand for a prolonged period of time.

3) Use a lumbar support belt if you have a weakness.

4) Have your back checked by your family Chiropractor.

Please stay safe and enjoy your firework night! If you are experiencing any of the symptoms covered in today’s blog post get in touch with us.

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