Christmas tips

Christmas tips

With Christmas fast approaching (why DO we say that? It’s the same speed as always!) it’s time to examine the stresses and strains of the season and give you a bit of advice to minimise those stresses if we can.

Remember … discs may not slip but you might!

There’s still occasionally wet leaves around and these can be very

slippery. Take particular care in the wet and make sure you’ve a good tread on your shoes both now and when it (inevitably) gets icy later.

Christmas is a “carry-on”

So do watch out for carrying when you’re out and about this month. If you can, pop back to the car if you’re carrying a lot. It may seem a chore to do so but your back and shoulders will thank you for it (especially true for those large toys for young ones). Balance up your loads too. If you can put some things in a shoulder bag. Also try using those collect by car services if they offer it – such a boon.

Remember too, watch out for the temptation…

to load it all onto one hand/arm when rummaging for keys in your bag or pocket to get into the car. It only takes a moment to put too large an unbalanced load on you and …whoops – subluxated spine.

Funny though it may sound, whether you’re shopping in person or online …take a break regularly. Sitting for ages trawling through eBay or amazon won’t do your pelvis much good either. Get up and move around. Conversely if you’re out and about stop and have a coffee…sorry I mean green tea or mineral water, occasionally. Fatigue can make you prone to injury. A little rest now and then gives you a chance to recharge and stops it being quite such a chore. Avoid the temptation to have a big slab of cake or a danish pastry though. You’ll get a sugar hit then an energy crash some time later. Not healthy. Have a bit of fruit like a banana. Water too, keep hydrated. You can perspire a lot if you’ve wrapped up well, carrying a lot and in and out of very warm shops!

If you’re the kind of person who gets a tad wound up…

and anxious about getting just the right thing…don’t. I know it sounds simple but don’t fret about it. It’s only a gift and if they are a close friend or family member then the last thing they’d want you to do is get yourself all in a stew on their behalf. If they’re not that close then what are you worried about, it’s really not important – that’s what vouchers are for

A word on Christmas trees and decorations.

Please, please, please be careful putting up the decorations! Most years I get someone who has strained too far or overstretched to reach up to that last bit on the guttering with the lights. Don’t overreach, it’s such an easy way to strain yourself. Make sure you’re warm when you’re doing it too…cold muscles can get pulled very easily. As to christmas trees… do not twist while carrying them, especially the heavy/tall ones. Another easy way to strain your back.

What about some other miscellaneous tips and hints for the Christmas season.

Present wrapping – do it at a table not the floor. Less back strain. Also before you start cut off loads of little 2” strips of sellotape and lightly stick one end of each to the edge of the table all the way along. Then they’re all there as you go along. Keep your wrapping paper from unrolling by using old toilet roll centres to keep them in.

….also, get some help! There’s probably someone who can help you and 4 hands are definitely better than 2.

As for the BIG day…

Be kind to your liver as much as you can. Drink plenty of water – it’ll help hydrate you (lemonade, coke and juice do NOT work as well). If you’re not used to alcohol it’ll be a big shock to your system so go easy – remember it isn’t normal to lie on your back in the lounge and giggle at the ceiling for 2 hours ;0). Here’s some other guidelines…

  1. It IS ok to say the kids can’t play World of warcraft ALL DAY. Be sociable.
  2. Grandad can be allowed to win at Monopoly/Cluedo/Risk (It’ll be over quicker that way too)
  3. You don’t have to listen to Slade/Wizzard/Wings etc Christmas songs on the day. You’ve heard them in the shops for a month – give yourself a break. If you want a nice relaxing musical Christmas try these peoples’ Xmas albums: David Ian, Jonn Serrie, Jim Brickman, George Winston and a lovely jazzy album called simply Christmas Jazz. All available on iTunes -don’t ask me about spotify and the like… no idea : -)
  4. Lastly, go round the table at lunch/dinner and everyone has to take it in turns to say 5 things that they’re grateful for that year (I pinched this from american thanksgiving – s’good idea though). It helps you to focus on the blessings in your life. To be honest it’s a good habit to get into at the end of every day, no seriously. You look at the positives in life and your appreciation for your life goes up. Try it.

So. Have a wonderful time. Make sure you are well-adjusted. Don’t be subluxated at christmas (as a title, that’s a tough Xmas song to write). Lastly , as Stephen Fry often signs off… be extraordinarily nice to one another.

Happy Christmas


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