Carrying Christmas Shopping – Survival Tip NO.4

Rebecca Nicholas, clinic director and principle Chiropractor, at Back 2 Balance, Hove, gives her tops tips for surviving Christmas in a 12 day countdown – carrying Christmas shopping.



Carrying Christmas Shopping


Most days we now do shopping online, whether it’s food or clothes or toys. It’s even delivered to your house or work – brilliant invention for someone like me who lives in a block of flats! If you are like me, why not beat the rush and order online, or go into town at a typically quiet time of the day…….


Our Chiropractic suggestions to help any chance of back pain during shopping are:


  • Carry the weight of the bags evenly in both hands.
  • Walk at a good pace. Dawdling and slow walking is a common cited trigger for back pain.
  • Have a list and idea of what you are wanting to get before going into town. Even better have 2 ideas so that if one has sold out you can just get the other thing you were wanting to get instead.
  • When you get to 2-3 bags, stop back at the car to dump them off and you can continue with your Christmas shopping marathon.
  • Do not do the carrying of shopping bags in a rush. Be mindful, use your legs and core muscles, and lift straight.
  • Do not twist and bend and lift at the same time. You have been warned!

The last point I want to make; Is that we are so concerned about getting gifts and presents for everyone, that we don’t really stop to think if we actually need to get them anything at all……My friends and I have decided over the last few years to leave the buying of presents for each other. Instead go out for a meal or dinner and just spend some quality time together. This has made me buy 3-5 less presents each year at Christmas time. If both parties are in agreement its a fantastic idea. Don’t be scared to approach the subject. Often they are thinking the same thing.

So, if you are already like a couple of our clients, who have done a few long Christmas shopping experiences, and come in because their lower back is sore. Then make sure you try some of our tips above. Call us on 01273 206868 if shopping is making your life miserable with back pain – it doesn’t have to be. Make sure you have scheduled your preventative M.O.T adjustment before the Christmas chaos.

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