5 Awesome Effects of Massage

Massage therapy is one of the most effective ways to relax, and there are many awesome effects of massage on the human body, writes Reading Massage Therapist Aska Gavaghan. This under-rated form of physical therapy relieves and treats structural abnormalities and muscle imbalances. Therapeutic massage increases joint mobility and flexibility. It also improves recovery of soft tissue injuries and reduces muscle tension.  Those benefits are commonly known but beyond them, there are other unique and sometimes unexpected benefits of massage therapy that can better your health, both mentally and physically. At Reflex Spinal Health we have an excellent team of massage therapists at our clinic in Caversham, Reading.

Here are 5 awesome effects of massage

Many of us deal with some sort of postural stress. This often manifests itself as pain or weakness in the shoulders and neck or lower back and gluteals. These issues may especially affect people that spend long hours sat (usually in a slouched position) at their desk. Regular soft tissue massage can counteract the imbalances caused from sitting and therefore relieve postural stress in your body.

Human touch in massage therapy can be truly therapeutic and relaxing, and can help to soothe anxiety and depression. Research conducted by the renowned Mayo Clinic, reported that a one hour massage could actually lower the recipients cortisol levels, possibly by up to 30%. Cortisol is one of the most important stress hormones in our body.  A similar study was published in the medical journal, Depression and Anxiety. This claimed that a sample group who received therapeutic massage over 12 weeks demonstrated a 50% reduction in symptoms of anxiety.

Can massage therapy help you sleep better?

Massage therapy improves sleep, not only in adults who cannot rest comfortably at night, but also in infants and children who can sleep better and cry less (research from the University of Warwick). People who suffer from chronic tension headaches can benefit from massage therapy that can help to decrease frequency and severity of them by releasing muscle spasms and easing muscle tension held in shoulders, head and neck.

Massage therapy also boosts immunity by increasing the levels of white blood cells that play a huge role in protecting our body from the disease or infection improving immune function. The physical nature of massage flushes toxins from the tissue. This relaxes the tissue, and causing an increase in blood flow.

Hopefully this short article will open your eyes further to some of the many awesome effects of massage. Did you know of all these benefits? Invest in your wellbeing by having regular massages that will undoubtedly help you to enjoy your life more!

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