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It’s now been over a week since the Chiropractic Clinic has reopened!
Listen to how lockdown has affected some of our patients in terms of Chiropractic Care as they share their stories…

Get in touch:
The Chiropractic Clinic
195 Field End Rd, Eastcote, Pinner HA5 1QR
Monday 8:30am–7pm
Tuesday 8:30am–7pm
Wednesday 8:30am–7pm
Thursday 8:30am–7pm
Friday 8:30am–7pm
Saturday 8:30am–6pm
Sunday 9am–1pm

Email: info@healthyspine.co.uk
Phone: 020 8868 5020

When you are in pain, you simply can’t wait to be treated. At our well-established Chiropractic Clinic in Eastcote, we are dedicated to making sick patients well and keeping them that way. This is why we offer appointments at short notice for new patients. With fully qualified and experienced chiropractors available, we can offer you an appointment within 24 hours. If X-Rays are required, then these are taken and processed on site, again within 24 hours. As soon as the X-Rays are read, your treatment can begin, and you can begin to feel some relief.

You’d be surprised at the number of conditions we can treat – some of them don’t even sound like they could be related to the spine. Call us today to find out more!

The clinic was established in 1993. Over the years we have expanded and moved to new, bigger premises at 195 Field End Road, Eastcote. We have four experienced Chiropractors on site and offer full X-Ray facilities.

All our Chiropractors are registered with the British Chiropractic Association, General Chiropractic Council and General Osteopathic Council.

Pop in and pay us a visit. We’ll give you a warm welcome.

A number of products are provided for sale in the clinic which we endorse for our patients.

Orthopaedic Pillows
Ice Packs
Flexall (Pain Relieving Gel)
Udo’s Choice Omega 3-6 Oil CapsulesAll our Chiropractors are registered with the British Chiropractic Association, General Chiropractic Council and General Osteopathic Council.

History of Chiropractic:
The art of spinal manipulation has been practised for thousands of years according to writings from ancient Greek and Chinese civilizations. Chiropractic (from Greek: done by hand) is a respected and long-established profession. It dates from 1895 when Canadian Daniel David Palmer performed the first chiropractic adjustment, founding The Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 1897.

Over the years the profession has gained recognition and is now recognised by many UK government and medical organisations and supported by published research.

Chiropractic is not a quick fix or miracle cure. Chiropractors aim to get patients out of pain and then help them reduce the risk of future problems. We offer advice on nutrition and diet, exercise and posture to help the patient manage their condition and prevent future problems. This lifestyle advice is given as part of the first consultation and at a free Spinal Care evening class, where patients can learn more about the causes of spinal problems and how to avoid them.

Who and What can it treat?
Adults, elderly people and pregnant women can benefit from chiropractic treatment. And chiropractic helps more than bad backs!

The conditions treated with chiropractic care are:
Low back pain (painful inflammation of the sciatic nerve which runs from the buttocks to the toes. Pain can be felt in the leg, lower back, buttocks, hip, calf and sometimes down to the toes.)
Back pain
Leg pain
Minor sports injuries: frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, injuries of hips, knees or ankles
Mechanical neck pain (as opposed to neck pain following injury, i.e. whiplash)
Headache arising from the neck
Migraine prevention

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Title: 1 Week Open – Patient Testimonials|Dr Lalit Sodha|Chiropractic Clinic Eastcote
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